Battle of the Beanfield (Download)


Battle of the Beanfield.

Download the script and music for this amazing musical.

The Stonehenge Free Festival, held at and around the summer solstice had grown into one of the biggest music festivals in Britain from it's beginnings in 1974. It became a celebration of music and various alternative cultures.

But 1985 was to be different...

Follow, 'the Peace Convoy', a group of new age travellers and musicians, the advanced party, tasked with setting up the festival site.  

This hard-hitting musical drama incorporates 'lost' ITN news footage of the real life events as they unfolded.

Prepare to be shocked by this retelling of a little-known historical event.


Suitable for Secondary/High School, Tertiary and Community groups

This is a great catalyst for discussions about politics and law.


This full production kit is too large to be downloaded as it it comprises of 2 DVDs and 1 CD. The downloaded version has the script and an MP3 Album of the songs.

To access the full production kit, please click on 'inspection copy' or purchase it outright if you choose not to return it. 

If you decide to perform this musical please purchase the performance rights. You can do this from this site or send me the details of your performance and I will send you a quote, invoice and receipt.