Pobasso and the Cucumbers

Pobasso and the Cucumbers - Historical Musical for Schools

School Musical, set 300 years ago, focusing on the cultural and relationship between the Aboriginal people and the Macassan Fishermen.

If you are a performing arts teacher in a school, this Musical may be perfect for your next stage production.

It is part of Australia's history that is little known. The Aboriginal People of Northern Territory and Northern Queensland developed strong relationships with Seafaring people from other countries for many centuries before European settlement. Many people were drawn to Australia due to the abundance of Sea Cucumbers. These were collected and processed on the Australian Mainland for centuries. They were part of a vibrant and extensive trading system, one that brought them into annual contact with seagoing merchants from Indonesia, and linked them to civilisations as far away as China and Japan. 


While the story is fictional, and I will take a creative licence in filling in the gaps, one of the key characters, Pobasso, is not. In his later life he met with Matthew Flinders, while he was mapping the Australian Coastline in 1803.  He even had his portrait drawn.

This musical is great fun. It is not overtly politically, however, through the narrative it will gently address misconceptions of Terra-Nullius and some of the more skewed accounts of history that can still be found in school libraries.


Production kit includes script and music

  • Script - PDF format. Can be shared or copied as many times as required for the cast and crew
  • MP 3 Album of completed and professionally recorded songs as a guide.
  • MP 3 Album of the songs in Karaoke form to be used as a backing track.

11 scenes
Duration - approximately 80 minutes
Would suit small or large - Primary or Secondary schools
Minimum Cast: 20 male, 20 female,  + chorus line & extras Duration: