Elvis: the musical

You thought you knew the King of Rock n'Roll?

Think again!


Four students on vacation form a detective agency.
Their first case... solve the mystery surrounding Elvis's death.The students are taken on a roller-coaster ride as they follow the life of one of the World's greatest celebrities. 
Not only will they unlock the mysteries of the past, but they also will create history themselves.

Elvis. His life. His Music.

This musical was designed for a primary school with 10 classes each with a scene, and an additional scene for the teachers.
It has 11 Elvis's, each at a different age and stage.
It can be adapted for any size school.
The musical uses original Elvis tracks. Consult with your district education authority regarding the use of existing songs within school musicals.
The production kit consists of a script, which can be photocopied as any times as required for the purpose of your school production.