Tuck: the spiritual journey of the Curtel Friar



Tuck: the spiritual journey of the curtel friar

One man's struggle for justice leads to him to being excommunicated from the Church and on the wrong side of the law.
His world is turned upside down, until a chance meeting with another famous outlaw, Robin Hood.
The rest, as they say, is history.

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outlaw; hunter; man of God

After numerous versions of this story in recent times, this plot follows the earliest recorded version of the story A Lyttell Geste of Robyn Hode written in England in approximately 1450 AD.

The production kit (Script and music) includes:

  • Script: Blackline master - photocopy as many copies as are required for the production
  • Musical manuscript: Blackline master - photocopy as many copies as are required for the production
  • Album: Full production version of all songs, Karaoke versions, and sound effects

Royalties are required dependent on the number of performances.Purchase on this site.

Duration: 70 minutes

Cast: 16 male, 2 female, 7 optional,+ chorus line of monk

Perfect for 8yrs - 18yrs

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