Battle of the Beanfield


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Also incorporates the 'lost' ITN news footage of the events as they unfolded. for back projection.

The Stonehenge Free Festival, held at and around the summer solstice had grown into one of the biggest music festivals in Britain from it's beginnings in 1974. It became a celebration of music and various alternative cultures.

But 1985 was to be different...

Follow, 'the Peace Convoy', a group of new age travelers and musicians, the advanced party, tasked with setting up the festival site.  



Stop the festival...whatever it takes!

Prepare to be shocked by this retelling of a little-known historical event. 

A musical designed for High Schools (Secondary) and community groups. Explores this historic event, and encourages discussion of politics, law, and philosophy.  

Suitable for Secondary/High School, Tertiary and Community groups


12 Male

5 Female

+ Chorus line of police and peace convoy

Duration: 60 minutes

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