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Music, Drama teachers .... find the perfect musical for your school.

School Musicals are a suite of musicals created specifically for Schools by Chris James.

Choose from our selection of proven crowd pleasing shows.

This site is a resource for music, drama and performing arts teachers where you can access musicals and plays. These have been designed to support you in creating an excellent dramatic production within a school setting.

We provide our premium musicals for a small fee. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a collection of musicals and select the right one for your school. 

The music, script, score and Karaoke versions of songs can be easily reproduced as many times as required for your cast and crew.

This means that putting on a school musical has never been easier.

School Musicals production kits are available for the following musicals:

    • Apocalypso - a light hearted look at the end of humanity
    • Pobasso and the cucumbers
    • Under Milk Wood (adaptation of Dylan Thomas Poetry)
    • Battle of the Bean Field
    • Agua Blanca
    • Elvis: the musical
    • Tuck: the spiritual journey of the Curtel Friar
    • Kinlochleven: the true story of the Loch Ness Monster (Au & Nz only)

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If you decide to go ahead, please purchase performance rights per public performance.

Alternatively, for those that need it, I can provide a quote and will provide the materials on with a school's purchase order.

Create mp3s or burn CDs and photocopy scripts in order to provide your cast with all the resources they need. School Musicals have a small royalty charge for each performance.

Order copies, inspection copies or download through this site or contact Chris on 0419586551 or at chris@schoolmusicals.com.au

Our shows are written by teachers with school-based performances in mind.