Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is a spectacular latin musical that celebrates the music and the spirit of Colombia. 

Get this spectacular latin musical. Free download. The production kit includes the script and music, everything your music or drama teacher needs to put a dazzling show. Karaoke backing tracks assist with your performance. This feel-good show is suited to upper Primary, Middle and High Schools. The musical has eight original songs with a range of styles, including the latin styles of Cumbia and Salsa. The script and music is written by Chris James and the musical performances and vocals are by Justin Whyte. The musical was published in 2016. 



A small royalty charge applies for each public performance. The licence can be obtained through this web site or by contacting Chris James


Friendship can overcome everything.

When an exclusive school took a trip into the local poor barrio, the students are confronted by the living conditions of their neighbours.
Can the new-found friendships lead to a better future?
Set in Cali Colombia in the 1980s.
The musical has a focus on social action and engagement making a difference

Production kit includes script and music

  • Script - PDF format. Can be shared or copied as many times as required for the cast and crew
  • MP 3 Album of completed and professionally recorded songs as a guide.
  • MP 3 Album of the songs in Karaoke form to be used as a backing track.

10 scenes
Duration - approximately 60 minutes
Would suit small or large - Primary or Secondary schools
Minimum Cast: 17 male, 17 female,  + chorus line & extras Duration:
Approximately 60 minutes

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